VIBE ARTS is a charity organization aiding in need communities lacking the resources for tackling personal & social issues through self-expression, creativity and growth through art.

VIBE engages young people living in under-resourced neighbourhoods in and around Toronto. Through collaborative development with community and education partners, VIBE delivers high-quality, accessible arts education programs that provide meaningful and relevant experiences for youths. They invite young people to explore, re-envision, and make new connections to themselves and the world around them. VIBE ARTS' work is made possible through the assets, sponsor ships, and volunteers found within the GTA communities.


The Humber Scholarship and Bursaries Fund
The monetary award is given to two students (one per session) that have continuously, throughout the year and during the Capstone project, demonstrated professionalism, work ethics, leadership and team work. The students are faculty nominated and selected at the end of the academic year. Nominated individuals are announced in May-June and awards are given during the Business School Award ceremony in February, the year after.