Where is the Venue?

The Venue is at JAM FACTORY T.O. on 2 Matilda Street in Toronto. It is on the East Side of the city off of Broadview, with the closest TTC stop located at Caroll St. and Queen St. East.

On the second floor of the building you’ll find it above of The Merchants of Green Coffee.


Is there Parking? 

We do have parking, there is street parking located in the entire area but there is also Green P Parking located around the corner on Broadview. However, we do encourage being green and carpooling or transiting to the event.


What is a Wine Pull?

A Wine Pull is a game that will give you the opportunity to earn a unique bottle of wine. Pay for a cork, and each cork will be assigned to a bottle of wine on display that ranges in value. One lucky guest will receive the cork that belongs to our prized value bottle of wine. These corks are a limited quantity though so make sure you purchase them early in the night.


Can I Buy Tickets at The Door?

No, we will not be selling tickets at the door unfortunately, so make sure you buy your tickets now here on our website.


Is it Open Bar?

Unfortunately, it is not open bar. We will be offering water and selling glasses of the wine sampled in the tasting for $5.


Are Debit and Cash Both Accepted?

Yes, both are accepted. Debit will be accepted at the bar, but for any other purchases throughout the night we highly recommend bringing cash.


Will You Have Vegetarian Options?

Yes, our menu is primarily vegetarian. However, there will be dairy and grains and therefore cannot guarantee that it will be vegan or gluten free. While no nut products are used in our menu, we cannot guarantee that cross-contamination with nuts hasn’t occurred.