Art Pour: Humber Students Pour Wine for Charity

Students Bring a Wine Tasting To Downtown Toronto to Support Education and the Arts

Austin Leggett
’Art Pour’ Event Team

Toronto, ON: Almost everyone knows a little about wine and many can pick out a decent bottle or two. But few know how wine can change or enhance the taste of a particular dish. Art Pour is an event created to offer you a chance to spend a night with your loves in downtown Toronto, enjoy a good drink, and share tasty food while we bring you the knowledge, the confidence, and the ability to impress your friends and family at a social of your own.

While engaging the senses and socializing with others in an intimate setting is fun on its own, Art Pour wants to demystify the world of wine and hospitality for all in attendance. The student team behind Art Pour believes that education and accessibility to the arts should be available to all. They also believe that art takes many forms, and should have the opportunity to be engaging. Not only do they seek to educate those at the event, but the proceeds of the event aim to promote the Humber College Scholarship Fund as well as VIBE Arts charity, an organization designed to promote arts education for underprivileged communities in the GTA.

“…Creating an event that focused on education and accessibility was important to us”

-Austin Leggett, Internal Logistics

“For our event, we really wanted to focus on the idea of education and changing directions,” according to Austin Leggett, one of the Internal Logistics Coordinators for Art Pour. “All of our teammates have completed undergraduate degrees in varying fields and bring different skill sets to this nuanced industry. We’ve worked very hard on this event to forward our education, employability, and goals, so creating an event that focused on education and accessibility was important to us. Having the event centered around wine makes it even better.”

Jim Stone, one of the head instructors of the program, vouched for the students’ ongoing progress with the event. “What’s great about this program is how it brings education to life through execution. These students are getting real-life, real-time experiencing and practicing their craft all while partnering with beloved Toronto charities.”

The event will walk the guests through the tasting notes of:

  • Five distinct wines

  • Appropriate and affordable appetizer pairings

  • Musicians

  • Artists

The night will also feature plenty of opportunities to win phenomenal prizes through giveaways and an anticipated Wine Pull. The event’s sommelier will have delicious food pairings for each wine, with the goal of providing affordable and easy options to replicate. A caricature artist will be present during the event to craft wonderful portraits for guests, and a folk musician will keep the atmosphere upbeat and fun throughout the night.

About the Organization: Art Pour was created with the belief that hosting and sharing is what keeps us connected, and forwarding the education to foster these passions should be accessible to all. The Art Pour event brings together the basics of hosting, pairing, pouring, and tasting to the forefront and offers an immersive experience for all.


Who: We are Humber Event Management Post Graduate Students planning an event from the ground up in support of local charities.

What: Art Pour is a one of kind wine tasting experience, that takes away the fuss of your typical wine tasting and makes learning about wine and food pairings easy and exciting.

Where: JAM FACTORY T.O. - 2 Matilda Street Toronto

When: April 11 2019 from 7PM-10PM

Why: We do this in support of Vibe Arts Toronto, which supplies the necessary art supplies and expression to students in-need. We also do this in support of our school and the Humber Scholarship Fund. Half the profits raised will given to the Humber Event Management award that goes on to support and reward future students and their learning.